Quran Se Istafada Kaise – Part 2?

Title: Quran Se Istafada Kaise – Part 2?

Topic in English: How to use the Quran – Part 2?

Topic In Urdu: قرآن سے استفاده كيسے؟ (2)

Date: 21st April 2023
Ramadan 30, 1444 Al-Jum`ah

Duration: 46:37

Podcast Link: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/H3tON9Rtkzb

Download the Lecture Here:

Quran Se Istafada Kaise Part 2 – 21st April 2023

Quran Se Istafada Kaise – Part 2 – 21st April 2023

The Author

Dr. Maulana Sarfraz Awan

Dr. Sarfraz Ahmed Khan is a religious scholar, a voice of reason in today's divided world, a voice of peace, prosperity, mutual respect, religious harmony and britherhood. He has served as a Lecturer in the University of The Punjab for almost a decade. He also served as Khateeb Jamia Mosque Phase 1, DHA, Lahore for almost 28 years and as Asst. Director Religious Affairs DHA, during his service with DHA Lahore. Currently, he delivers Jumma Sermons at Jamia Mosque Tauheed, New Super Town, Lahore Cantt. This Mosque is situated near Aadil Hospital, Lahore. Complete Directions are as follows: When travelling towards DHA Lahore from Walton Road, it's in St. # 3 next to AlFatah Electronics, which is near Aadil Hospital. Jumma Sermon starts at 12:40PM and Jumma Prayers are offered at 1:30PM around the year.

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